CHRISTINA KUBISCH - Magnetic Flights (CD Important Records)

Having long enjoyed Christina Kubischís work, receiving this album in the latest batch from PR was a pleasure. Anybody with an interest in contemporary electronic composition, Iím sure, will already be familiar with this prolific German artistís combining of minimal treatments, visual sound, use of sculptures, and forays into a wide array of digital and analogue exploration and, if not, would be advised to pick up as much of her work as possible.

Borne of installations in a number of cases, Kubisch utilises light to complement her compositions and has long been established as one of the leaders in her field. On Magnetic Flights, however, two lengthy works stretch out before us that are derived entirely from electromagnetic field recordings completely unaltered and produced only via wireless headphones. What begins like an atonal piece on the first recording soon evolves, as with all of her work, into something far beyond, voyaging as it does through gently threaded oscillations and little pockets of stutter and stammer. Completely unobtrusive yet thoroughly engaging in their quiet shifts of movement, both pieces succeed in saying much about those EMFs most of us donít pay any heed to yet are very much part of our world.

Once again, Christina Kubisch has created works that astound and mesmerise as they capture her relationship to those spaces most of us are either too already preoccupied or lazy to even think about. RJ.