Edward Ka-Spel / Steven Stapleton / Colin Potter / Quentin Rollet - The Man Who Floated Away/The Closer You Are to the Centre, the Further You Are from the Edge (CD Bisou)


Two near-twenty-minute pieces, with the first serving as a collaboration between Ka-Spel and Stapleton and the second by Potter and Rollet. Both add up to an album that could have been produced by any one combination of these four mainstays of avant-drizzled electronidelic composition, really, but that’s not any detriment to the quality of the work here. In fact, it’s precisely because they’re all so adept at their craft that this gathering of ‘morphic swirl, subway sax, organ groans, distant jingling, piano chatter and spluttering flotsam sounds so engaging. I wouldn’t say this resides amongst any of the respective parties’ best work, but it’s certainly a meeting of minds which still has enough tricks up its collective sleeve to produce high calibre music rife with surprises. The Man Who Floated Away also features Ka-Spel’s voice, whilst The Closer You Are… plays with the tattered robes of free jazz before tumbling into a more haphazard realm that throws tacks onto your listening seat. Would’ve been even better to hear all these artists together on the same cuts, though.  RJ

Contact: bisourecords.bandcamp.com