Thomas Lehn and Marcus Schmickler Ė Live Double Sťance (Antaa Kalojen Uida) (LP and DVD Editions Mego)

This LP is very hard to get familiar with, hard to describe and probably not one you fall in love with from the beginning. A live recording with Thomas Lehn on analogue synthesizer and Marcus Schmickler on computer without any post-editing or whatsoever. The listener is exposed to unexpected sonic excursions of basically all kind of electronically generated soundscapes that can be squeezed out of the instruments used (if one considers computers as instruments as well). A warning is not totally out of place here ; this is not easy listening, this is the result of intense experimentation, almost as if the sťance turned into something very bad from the very beginning and some kind of exorcism is recorded instead. Sudden outbursts of noise, sounding like the Broken Penis Orchestra playing Luke Vibert, just to make sure that anything that can be interpreted as beautiful or even sound as music is avoided. 46 minutes of harsh electronics, a freeform expression with only a few moments to take a breath before being drawn into the whirlpool again. Not for the faint at heart, and donít say that I didnít warn you ! PvdG