Light Wa/orship - Equine (CD Noise Pelican)


Two 20+ minute solo guitar pieces improvised straight to a mobile phone’s recorder that actually, after being mixed, sound pretty nifty. There are no overdubs and everything was recorded in one take, as expected from this terrain, but I imagined this would be a more refined, almost Loren Mazzacane Connors-type affair rather than the inward-spiralling rock-out it actually is. Certainly, there’s a gruff post-rock hue to the proceedings, tho’ this is far more fiery than that might suggest. It’d surprise me if Kevin Michael Richards, the man behind these works, wasn’t familiar with Matthew Bower’s Total or, I dunno, Ashtray Navigations or whatever, but what’s cooked here bodes well for both future solo and collaborative endeavours. A name to keep an eye on. RJ