Andrew Liles- Anal Aura Gram(ophone) (LP+7" Beta Lactam Ring)

Back in 2003 Liles releases a cd titled 'Aural Anagram' that worked with his ongoing and deep-rooted interests in Hans Bellmer. With the first 100 copies came a cdr titled 'Anal Aura Gram.' Those additional recordings are now revisited, reworked and presented with different versions. An appropriate thing to do with a an obsession. 

Voices speak plainly, calmly, as matter-of-fact reiterating of case histories. hearing a little girl speak of sexual perversions turns it into a glorious Alice in Wonderland absurdity. Occasional voices warp, backed by the lulling slow pulse of simple but well placed tones. Immaculate, tight collared, observational rather than presentational. For me there's always been a feeling of isolation while listening to Liles. Personal obsession become all consuming within the room. Little peepholes into other people's lives become a focus and contrast revealing perversions to be a source of life rather than something to be hidden away. The walls buckle, the floorboards creek. Out of the corner of the eye a glint of light. Spoken tales give way to whispers and things (un)heard. 

Fantastic artwork on the cover, Bellmer and speculums  on a thick card cover with a finely edged, ummmm, entry for the record. It's a tight fit, madam, a bugger to get in and out. Classy black interior. Blue vinyl but a very good quality pressing. 

The freebie 7" included contains two tracks remixed by Steven Severin. I dunno, but it sounds too generic. Atmospheric and workman-like but ultimately uninspiring and lacking in subtlety. Still, it was interesting to hear his take on the matter. Nice Bellmer line drawings on the cover and labels. 

A very impressive album both musically and aesthetically. HM