Andrew Liles - Mind Mangled Trip (CD Dirter)

Crystal Tipps and Alistair are no longer around. In their place are demons and ghoulies. The tales of monsters, myths and things that go bump in the night continue with Liles' Monsters series. Things here are more dream-like than before but move from scene to scene creating an atmosphere of the 'other.' A world in which upturned chicken legs form trees (see the cover) and delirium conjures surreal animal figures.  

I have no idea what the over-riding story line (what are Whizz Sivvs anyway?) but somehow his version of Joy Division's 'Wilderness' fits perfectly.  

Elegant folky vocals throughout by Elisabeth Oswell of Sargasso Sea. Too smooth for my liking but fans of ye olde folk or West Coast folk may have a fondness for it. A favourite is, inevitably, the final track 'Xenograft (Three Invisibles)' with its slow drifting complex tone intro. Works every time. The cd is presented in a digipak. HM