Andrew Liles - Muldjewangk, Morgawr and other Monsters (CD Tourette Records)

Blink and another dozen albums emerge from the fevered, troublesome mind of Liles. His surreal sonic images span genres forming an exotic language of his own that is both creepy and hilarious. Clicks, wirrs and (the dreaded) didgerydoobry skitter across the room, snapping at the hand of opportunity.  

As ever there are guests galore, most notably dodgy death metal bloke Maniac, Annie Kerr on violin, and Alexis Borisov and Angela Manukian of Volga (see their album on the Lumberton Trading Co. label.) Angela in particular has a wonderful voice and I wish he'd used more of her.

There's a warped fairytale quality to the Monsters series of albums that encompass childhood fears (or fear of children), adult themes and unexpected visions. Somehow Liles has the knack of making these house-of-mirror visions flawlessly listenable. What ought to be abstract sounds become a lyrical tale in is hands. Little Red Riding Hood on a bottle of absinthe. Growl ! 

Presented in a digipak. HM