Andrew Liles and Fovea Hex - Gone Every Evening  (7" Die Stadt)

Spread open the gatefold cover and slip the inner sleeve out. Pause for a moment to look at the spirally line drawing artwork of a humanoid creature and a dragon. Spirals turn to emblems, human and animal fuse. A promise of folk tales and myths. to come out of the earth. It doesn't say who the artist was but I bet (s)he walks barefoot through tall grass. 

A while back Clodagh Simonds released a triple cd set that brought together a traditional sound but using modern tools. The glisten was understated, sublime and  elemental. As with those recordings, her 2 tracks here with Andrew Liles walk a similar path. Liles reigns in his familiar impulse to charge the atmosphere with perverted isolation (dirty boy!) to produce a sympathetic backing to her extraordinary vocal lines. On the A-side 'Gone' her poignant lyrics of a disappearing natural world, the disappearance of things taken for granted, give a ache of loss.  For the B-side 'Every Evening' Fabrizio Paumbo reads Simonds hopeful lyrics that end with '... til we shine like stars once more.' 

Michael Begg, Laura Sheeran also appear on this subtly produced pairing of tracks. The vinyl format isn't an ideal format for Liles' use of tones since it loses his lowest frequencies but it has been well pressed and is very listenable. Pressed up in an edition of 500. HM