Limbs Bin - Compassion and Vision (CD Fourth Dimension)

Itís been said that life is just a series of unconnected events that we strive to find meaning for and put into to a bigger narrative. Things that we dwell on when we should be doing other things. Things that donít really have a greater meaning than you experienced them. There is one of these moments near the beginning of Limbs Binís ĎCompassion and Visioní.

Near the beginning of ĎCompassioní the music subsides for a moment and you can hear laughter in the background. On a first listen the laughter feels out of place. Did one of the band mess up thus causing the laugh, or were they laughing at the absurdity of their situation? After a few more listens it's harder still to get a handle on that bout of giggles. Are Limbs Bin in fact laughing at us for sticking around, as they know what is to come, or is it meant to be the last light-hearted thing we hear before they launch into the album? I guess weíll never know but it is the most disconcerting thing on the album. Itís the thing that I go back to time and time again when I think of the album. What was the laugh all about? 

Musically ĎCompassion and Visioní is composed to short sharp vocals screams while electronics wail and two drummers bash hell out of two set of drum kits in time. Under all this is a never-ending bubble of static. At times it feels like the sound of the band playing has to go through a roaring first to get to the microphone. On a logistics level itís incredible. The music is uncompromising and, at times, very unbearable. This is the point. Limbs Binís objective is to make us as uncomfortable as possible. Itís to find not only their threshold but ours. Who will tap out first? Who will decide that enough is enough? So far, itís uncertain. The band stopped first, and I wanted more so itís a drawÖ? 

ĎCompassion and Visioní is an interesting title as throughout is little of either. The album is a full-on visceral assault to the sense. There is little in the way of let up. At no point do Limbs Bin decide to lay off, let us catch our breath before shoving us back into the eye of the storm. The vision they refer to is make the listener as uncomfortable as possible. To ratchet up the sounds to the point of pain. This might not be an album you play very often, but itís an album you should be glad exists. NR.