Longstoned - Remixes (CD Elbandito Records)

Over the years Mike Cross and Mike Ward have single-mindedly built themselves a highly polished bubble for themselves to spin around in. Electronic rhythms of clicks and taps, the whirring of gadgetry with far too many lights on them -blue, green, red- backed by the hmmm and the haaa of outer space ambience. In the world of Longstone, astral travel takes place under laboratory conditions.  They've used their immaculate techy skills to dismantle and reassemble tracks by Ochre label friends Silverman, Will Sergeant, Ayako Mori, MC Lord Magrao and Chris Cundy, Galen and EKA. All but two -Charles Atlas and Stylus- are new to the album. There's very much a uniformity to the overall, err, 'chilled' album; a classically Longstone sound that you'll gladly give yourself to if Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and The Orb are your thing. It ain't my thing but you can't help but admire the effortless flow of the album. They sure do know what they're doing and they do it well. HM

Contact: www.elbandito.co.uk