LUMINANCE RATIO - Like Little Garrisons Besieged (CD Boring Machines)

Luminance Ratio is the name given to the collaborative works by three prolific sound artists, Eugenio Maggi, Gianmaria Aprile and Andrea Ferraris, all otherwise to be found in numerous other projects completely unknown to me. This is, I understand, their only release together, however, outside a more recent split-7” with Steve Roden put out by Aprile’s own Fratto9 Under The Sky label, and it also includes a reworking of the material by the equally prolific Paul Bradley, who can otherwise be found collaborating with Colin Potter and David Wells outside his many solo works.

 Six pieces spanning just under an hour form Like Little Garrisons Besieged and suck on all from a foamy cocktail of electro-acoustic and meta-ambient techniques to musique concrete, atmospheric droneworks to shapeshifting textural and tonal slush that possesses a vaguely melodic disposition entirely at ease with its surroundings.

 While what’s on offer here may or may not immediately entice you in much the same way as so much music of this nature, there is a modicum of charm evident which helps to keep it poised buoyantly above most of the rest. The amusingly titled third cut, ‘Sunday Is Grey’, with its shimmering slow-motion timbres, haunting Hellraiser-ish chimes and tempered metallic rings, serves as the album’s highlight. It would, without doubt, be good to hear where Luminance Ratio take things from here. RJ