Lunar Abyss Deus Organum - A Sherpa’s Sleep is More Milk Music (CD Zoharum)

If we’re to consider all the CDr releases, this album is something like the 40th one for Russian Evgeny Savenko. at least under this moniker. Melding those post-industrial tropes of stark drones, deep forest murkiness, submerged voices, field recordings, tempered dissonance and moody timbres together, he at least creates a palette more engaging and richer than most prone to such foraging. At certain junctures everything gives way to passages where haunting melodies reminiscent of The Caretaker or location recordings hold court, but the overall flow is possessed of immediacy rather than cold detachment. There’s a warmth here not often found in such music. Even when the proceedings evolve into fifth cut, ‘Pozdravleniya’, meaning ‘congratulations’ in English, with its cranking up of all emphasis on the mighty drone, I’m reminded more of minimalists such as La Monte Young and Tony Conrad than the work of any stupid guy adorned in fucking runes. Most surprising. I’ll be turning to this one again. RJ.