Lustmord Ė Dark Matter (CD Touch)

The lonely sound of space captured for you on a silver disc.

Doesnít really need much more than that to express how this album feels. 

Itís taken a long time for Brian Lustmord to bring us Dark Matter he mentioned it as far back as 2001 and whether or not it really took that long to make doesnít add or subtract from the very powerful pieces that make up this album.

The sound sources themselves come from an audio library of cosmological activity collected between 1993 and 2003 and was gathered from various sources such as NASA, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The National Radio Astronomy Observatory etc etc. 

As such you have deep dark rumblings, small deep burbling waves, low moans and drones exactly what youíd want to hear if you were drifting through space.  

Thereís three pieces here all inhabiting a similar mood and shape with perhaps some variations in the speed the sounds move at but ultimately all fitting neatly into one album. 

Iíve not listened to that much Lustmord in the past I never managed to really get taken by Heresy and so have not explored much further, but Dark Matter has piqued my interest and maybe itís time to start working back towards Heresy. DB.