Lustmord - The Word As Power (CD Blackest Ever Black)

Suitable label for the man credited as a founder and indeed, the epitome of dark ambient. It's certainly true, there are few blacker than the master of the art, Brian Williams. This is his first major work as Lustmord since 2008's "Other", having spent the last few years on a live project Trinity, inspired by the first nuclear weapons tests in New Mexico. As the title suggests, The Word plays a central role throughout the work, but these are not words in the lyrical sense, but rather incantations, invocations, mantras, mixed with the trademark immense soundscapes. Drone, electronics, sub bass and field recordings, create an all too resonant dystopia while the vocals of Norwegian Aina Skinnes Olsen, Jarboe, Tool's Maynard James Keenan and Tuvan throat singer Soriah float in and out of the blackness. These are almost like a calling to prayer on the middle eastern flavoured opener Babel and the traditional based Chorazin,both featuring Olsen and something even more unsettling as Soriah growls through Grogori, evoking ancient times. The whole album is a stunningly powerful and mystical experience, tapping into both the zeitgeist and some deep dark place in the human psyche. Probably best ingested whole, in a darkened room. FK.