Olivia Louvel - SculptOr [Hepworth Resounds] (CD Cat Werk Imprint)

Arriving in an oversized DVD-type card wallet, this album is the latest from prolific electronica artist Olivia Louvel, who for around a decade now has been operating in more accessible electro realms sometimes given to more exploratory deviations. Here, under the guise of SculptOr, she delivers a suite of compositions based around British sculptor Barbara Hepworth’s spoken texts. Whilst these play out, are layered or manipulated, a series of broken beats, oscillating noises, kaleidoscopic shards, machine-like rhythms and penumbral swirl plays out I’m reminded slightly of AGF’s sound poetry, which is no bad thing. And before anybody wags their finger at my drawing parallels with the work of another female artist, the sleeve notes to this release highlight its femininity so shove that in yer pipe! Nonetheless, if [Hepworth Resounds] concerns itself with the idea of setting all the senses aflame when visiting one of Hepworth’s sculptures, then I would contend this album’s accomplished what it set out to do. An enthralling listen. RJ.

Contact: catwerkimprint.bandcamp.com