Pär Lindgren - Electronic Music (LP Fylkingen)

By all accounts this 1986 album was a break-through album both for Lindgren and for the Swedish electronic music community as a whole. Having finally heard the album I can see why.

These are compositions; they have form and a coherent movement. Not surprising as he's a Music teacher at the State College of Music in Sweden. Lindgren's use of electronics is controlled and appears to leave nothing to chance. Formal compositions. I wonder how much of it actually resulted from a chance operation during initial composition process? Nothing? Whatever is the case, the resultant album is precise and, most enjoyable of all, is the spatial element to all 3 tracks here. 

The first track 'Houdinism' sets the tone immediately. Multi-layered electronic workings where fractal like whirring, chug and tumble, rapidly evolving and locking back into their cycles.  

On 'Rummet' ('The Room') Lindgren's use of 'acoustic' in 'electro acoustic' is more noticeable. Still electronically manipulated, there a more human feel to it. A sort of bio-mechanics fusion. 

The side-long 'Den Förstenade' ('The Petrified One') is the corker here. Still using the methods employed in the previous two tracks, he's applied them to voice and tape. Sharp intakes of breath move from one place to another as the interference of flick-flack style electronics rock the boat of complacency, causing the voice to....


Awareness of lack of sound. A tone eventually emerges, building into complex level of sounds that constantly move. It's an epic and thrilling track.

Designed to be played loud on JBL 4435 speakers (yeah right I'll just get them down from the attic) I found the album enormously engaging over headphones. The balance and production is so finely assembled, it compliments the compositions themselves. HM

Contact: www.fylkingen.se/