Daniel Menche - Guts (CD Editions Mego)

My first introduction to an album is often on an iPod and frequently that gives a completely different experience to what you get when you listen to the same album on a stereo at home. Guts is great case in point. It sounded rather dull and ordinary on an iPod but you get it on to a stereo and let the sound actually float through the air before it hits your ears and it suddenly becomes a whole lot more listenable and enjoyable.

Guts is the sound of Daniel Menche kicking and beating the crap out of a piano. Itís not a perfect album thereís certainly lots of it that I donít find that interesting but the bits that do work are those where it doesnít sound so obviously like a piano. The parts where heís created a whole vortex of deep, groaning, screaming, noise, work far better than the areas where you can hear the strings of the piano being plucked, teased or hit. Those parts whilst giving the pieces some necessary variation are the parts that interest me the least. Every child who has ever had a piano in their house has taken off the front panels and played around with the insides of it, the temptation is too great not too. So thereís nothing too novel there to make it a great listen.

But the rest of it where heís taken the more unusual sounds heís created (bits sound like there are tools being used or things are being hit) and manipulated them further with delay and panning and Iím assuming some other sorts of effects processing, work extremely well and really take the sound far away from the source material.

For me this is a 50/50 album. Half of It I really enjoyed the over 50% I found a bit too obvious. DB

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