Keeril Makan -  Afterglow (CD Mode)


This appears to be this US composerís second release, following one on John Zornís Tzadik label several years ago. Recorded in New York with the International Contemporary Ensemble, it collects six compositions from between 2006 and 2010 which remind me somewhat of Kilarís work. Occasionally folkish melodies worm their way through mostly understated and quiet arrangements where more robust swells suddenly appear and shadowy percussion is laid bare and kept to a minimum. I have to Ďfess I never feel entirely qualified to write about such music, given both my own limitations and an adherence to intuition over anything technical or academic, but Afterglow certainly makes for a persuasive reckoning as dynamic as it is subtle. A very stirring listen, despite the emphasis being on space and tact. RJ.