Luciano Maggiore and Francesco Brasini Ė How to Increase Light in the Ear (CD Boring Machines)

Fascinating two track CD on the ever reliable Boring Machines label.

This is the second release by this duo who are part of the Bologna art scene. Luciano Maggiore is a musician and a filmmaker and involved in various projects including Phonorama an improv ensemble and has worked with people such as John Duncan and Sara Pantoli . Francesco Brasini is a guitarist and a sound researcher and has been working in music since the end of th 1980s exploring different genres and instruments. He makes his own guitars and basses along with valve amps and analog effects. Heís collaborated with Pietro Riparbelli and Giancarlo Bianchini.

The two tracks on here are almost a counterpoint to the previous work these two released. Chasm Achanes was based on low and rumbling frequencies whereas "How to IncreaseÖ" is based on high pitched waves which create their own overtones and resonances. To create the sounds used the duo have used tape recorders and electronic devices coupled with Brasiniís self built guitars. As well as the duo themselves they have been assisted here by Mattia Dallara who sits behind the mixer.

Overall I suppose you could compare this to the early electronics experiments of Xenakis (think of La Legende d'Eer) or Stockhausen though more modern day explorers such as Eleph or even Pansonic (even perhaps NWWís Soliloquy for Lilth) come to mind.

The piercing high pitched tones that dominate the first track increase in intensity until at the end your almost glad when a low pitched note decides to make an appearance. Itís not a piece you could listen to at a very high volume for very long. The second piece seems to have more dissonance about it. Whereas the first track was one very high pitched tone this second piece seems to pitch two not completely sympathetic frequencies side by side adding more lower tones and dissonances as it goes along. Itís a more complex sounding piece than the first but not as intense a listening experience.

Itís not an easy listen by any means but is still a album Iíve come back to many times since I first heard it. Definitely one Iíd recommend any one who likes more pure electronics to listen to. DB.