Master Musicians of Bukkake – Far West (CD Important Records)

Doomkraut for bedroom rituals, that could be a rather precise summary of the Master Musicians latest. The music on Far West is influenced by ethnic patterns, krautrockish textures and tribal weirdness and lots of mushroom consumption. Their name, referring to some weird Japanese leisure activities, does not help in taking them seriously and this from time to time made me wonder if an analogy exists, here trying to strip some of the most memorable music from its excitement.  

I personally never have been convinced by the Master Musician’s intentions and outings, their folk inspired blend of oriental kitsch, outsiders country music and textured repetition. Far West is better than their Totem series and actually, this might be their best to date and a good introduction into the master’s magical world. On Circular Ruins, stripped from all dark gazing the Master Musicians drop their masks and show their true identity ; they turn out to be caring fathers with a predilection for the American tradition. Going far west enough, a mythical Elysium might exist, but listening to most of the music on Far West,  homeland adoration I guess has played a role in naming this Far West. Some of it is cinematic as sometimes things become to bombastic, almost referencing how this west eventually was won. And I also guess that the farther one looks in whatever direction, the sight gets blurred and with that it just gets harder to describe what is going on. That can lead to chance meetings of something successful and Far West does have its moments.

“Like snow from the ground, leaves from the trees, rain from the sky, dew from the grass and thoughts from the mind, so too shall you disappear“ 

This zen poem is printed on the inner sleeve of Far West, and the source appears to be anonymous. The trivial character and nondescript concept are some of the associations I tend to get when listening to these guys. It’s not that Far West is bad, it makes sense as an album but just like the poem, it’s very easy digestible and with a nice taste, but also it does not leave a very long lasting impression. PvdG.