Map 71 Ė Gloriosa (CD Fourth Dimension)

Map 71 come from Brighton and are Lisa Jayne and Andy Pyne. Lisa Jayne provides the words, the voice and the album artwork whilst Andy gives us the drums and other sounds.

Gloriosa is an expanded version of a cassette released by Fourth Dimension and now includes tracks from a tape released by Blue Tapes and two tracks from a CD-r released by Foolproof Projects.

All in all the album covers a period of 3 years from 2013 to 2016.

Iíve heard various pieces by Map 71 over the last few years and been slightly unsure where I sit regarding what they do. I like the idea of prominence given to the words and voice ala spoken word albums and then combining this with the drum/percussive sounds that Andy makes but have not always found it to be as convincing for me when actualised.

This collection goes some way towards making me slightly more amiable to what Map 71 do. I enjoy the words that Lisa Jayne writes but Iím not convinced that the sounds that accompany them always work for my ears. I think for some of these piece textures and non-rhythmic sounds would perhaps be a more suitable companion. Thatís not to say there arenít tracks here that I find work well. I really enjoyed hearing CDM and Cruise Night (with its less emphasis on rhythm) Red Mass works well with its long constant streams of words that accompany the rolling sounds behind it.

The extra tracks serve as a nice historical view of Map 71 but theyíve come a long way in the 2 or 3 years between these tracks and the more recent 7 pieces that make up Glorisa itself which means that they really play second fiddle to the main body of this album.

Itís not going to be an album I return to that frequently but thereís a lot of promise here and Iím certainly going to be following up on what Map 71 do in the future. DB