Marek X. Marchoff - Funeral Musik For You and Me (Zoharum)

It could be argued that ‘Funeral Musik For You and Me’ is a concept about the cycle of life. The album opens with the rhythmic loop of ‘Ezolerascopick (40.696095'n 73.905029'w)’. This is copulation and the creation of a new life. ‘40'41'20n 73'56'40w’ is the sound of a heartbeat in a womb. ‘69572,-73.90342’ features new sterile sounds. Electronic blips of a monitor and basslines that could signify contractions. The birth itself could take place during ‘761'n 73.9813w’. It could also be suggested that in ‘6937'n 73.9833'w’ the dark, slow pulses are the slow descent into death. 

The standout track is ‘69572,-73.90342’. Here Marchoff incorporates vocals and a bassline. Yes, ‘69572,-73.90342’ is nearest things approaching ‘conventional’ music. It obeys the rules of melody over feeling, which is not always the point of this genre of music. Sadly, it is a great piece of music that really benefits from that great brooding bassline.  

2013’s ‘Funeral Musik Fur Jenny Marchoff’ was a more humanised affair. It felt like the songs were about something personal to Marchoff. The album was in fact a tribute to his grandmother after she had died. The music has a strangely warming tone to it. The experience of grieving is on display. Parts of joyous. Parts are brutally heart-breaking. Parts are peaceful. It is a true musical embodiment of the loss of a loved one. ‘Funeral Musik For You and Me’ looks at the whole process of dying and tries to do the same. This is fine, but without the personal attachment some of the songs come off as sterile. The problem with ‘Funeral Musik For You and Me’ is at times, like life itself, very little happens. Each track appears to be made of two, or more, rhythmic motifs that Marchoff loops until he has achieved the feeling he was going for. This is fine, and works fairly well in places, but overall if feels like a missed trick. Which is the greatest loss of all. NR