Mark McGuire Ė Get Lost (CD Editions Mego)

Editions Mego and its subsidiary Spectrum Spools are putting out so many releases every month itís starting to become hard to keep up. What ever happened to the days of bands spending 3 years making an album. Now it seems they make one every three days.

Mark McGuire is a good case in point. Apart from being the guitarist in Emeralds he also has an extensive catalogue of his own solo releases on CDR Cd cassette etc.

Get Lost is a 40 minute album of serene, gently meandering guitar lines backed up with burbling gurgling sequenced synth parts. The pieces are all fairly similar in construction and show off nicely his abilities with an acoustic guitar. Itís all very listenable and grows considerably on you after a couple of listens.

My only concern, to back to my original opening paragraph, is how often this will carry on getting played. When people are putting out this much volume of music surely there has to be a point at which the quality control switch is being bypassed and there seems to be now this desire to release everything that gets recorded whereas once there would have more brutality in the choice of pieces that would have made it to CD or vinyl.

I wonder if you could take four or five albums by Mark McGuire and make one really stunning one out of them rather than 4 or 5 reasonable ones. DB