Andrea Marutti & Fausto Balbo Ė Detrimental Dialogue (CD Boring Machines)

After the sound of aliens kissing goodbye forever has faded, this collaboration between two Italian composers is setting off in a direction of a seemingly endless interstellar journey, only to then let several created electronic fields determine the destination.

There seems to be a lot of communality with the Opalio brothers from Milan (My Cat is an Alien) who are also exploring the boundaries of space, one of the differences might be that where MCIAA perhaps is interested more in the result, this duo also heavily focuses on the means to get there.

A few listens gives the impression that the intention from these guys from Italy is sincere, and maybe more importantly, it also works. The well-applied layered use of analogue synths, electronic soundscapes, bleeps and other intriguing noise makes for a trip that resonates long time after the 4 tracks have ended. 

Although this certainly has an identity of its own, references that come to mind are Expo 70 meeting with early sound pioneers from the 60ís exploring the tricks of how electronic phenomena can mess up our brain. Overall this isnít maybe earthshaking but what can one expect from a source that is maybe already a million light years away from us. It still remains impressive stuff for late evening hours spent in solitude. PvdG