Maze and Lindholm Ė Where The Wolf Has Been Seen (CD Aurora Borealis)

Where The Wolf Has Been Seen is a collaboration between P.Maze of noise techno duo Orphan Swords and Brussels based producer and musician Otto Lindholm.

The four untitled pieces are a combination of electronics and double bass. Not something youíd perhaps consider natural bed fellows. The way the pieces have been constructed make it work well. The pieces placing themselves somewhere between drone and modern classical.

The tracks themselves are all very slow and have a sense of melancholy to them, something akin to the atmosphere and feel some of William Basinskiís work has to my ears. Itís very restrained, in places you can feel the tension and itís almost as if the track wants to leap out do more but keeps itís self-restraint and carries on letting the tension build.

I could see these pieces working well in a cinematic context and would really enjoy seeing how much further these two could take this concept and how they would develop it. DB