Melody Prochet’s take on the echo chamber results in a psychedelic version of the Cocteau Twins, or with a little bit more fantasy adding with the echoes a third dimension to the flat pop music of the earlier reviewed Dreamscape. Melody Prochet must have spent a lot of time looking and listening to French movies of early seventies. Not that the music sounds outdated, but it’s more the atmosphere of those screenplays that she managed to capture so nicely.

The echo chamber is an enclosure that is created especially to produce echoing sounds, and with the use of microphones the reverberation can be captured. The treatment that Kevin Parker (Tame Impala) applied here to the pop songs works well, the phasers make the guitar sound spacey and the fuzz and delay help the tracks seem rawer. Together with Prochet’s voice melting with the reverb this keeps the end result from being too mellow.

A very enjoyable trip through feelgood music (on ‘crystallized’ even Madonna’s beautiful stranger is unmistakably coming through), sometimes not unlike dream pop duo Peaking Lights and on quite a few tracks the music resembles the melodramatic post grunge of Seattle’s Truly, with crystal clear echoing guitar chords that instantaneously brings back those never ending warm and sultry summer nights. PvdG.