Midday Veil – This Wilderness (CD Beyond Beyond is Beyond)


When trying to find some points of reference not too many come to mind. Midday Veil could have been an eighties euro wave lost gem (what else could you call Universe than a track missing on Virgin Prunes If I Die, I Die), visionaries with their hey days in the seventies or even a 21st century succes story. Their third album, after 2013’s The Current, now on Brooklyn label Beyond Beyond is Beyond feels both retro and ahead of its time, it is music that sounds how seventies futuristic rock was received, not as if it was perceived after 40 years of hibernation, but more a reinvented form of it.

There are anchor points of course, The Water is dragging on slowly like in some of Robert Smith’s more melancholic moods and Midday Veil’s Emily Pothast lifts dark eighties wave (think Allez Allez’ exotic enchantments) into the same realms that SPK explored, creating magic on Machine Age Voodoo, or even beyond. The many dimensions explored on Wilderness form the ultimate apotheosis between New Wave dreampop, hypnotic rock and creates an imposed hyperreality where sadness and otherworldliness coexist, and having said this, Wilderness could very well be one of the best synthrock albums of 2015.?

Contact: www.beyondbeyondisbeyond.com