Minoy and PBK Ė Cloisters (CDr Attenuation Circuits)

Attenuation Circuits continue their rather compelling PBK re-issue series with this collaboration from 1987 with Minoy.

I donít know much about the history of the pieces on here or how they were recorded. Given Minoyís huge appetite for collaborating via the mail Iím tempted to assume these pieces where put together via tape exchanges through the mail but I could be way off the mark there.

Clositers consists of three long pieces and the tracks in their final form we all mixed by Minoy. I suppose the easiest way to describe these is as ambient noise. Everything is drenched in reverb (I believe a cheap Radio Shack spring reverb was used)  and you get a similar sort of instrumentation to that used on Desent with swirling keyboard motifs playing the most prominent roles. Minoy stamps his personality all over the pieces with his trademark howls and the previously mentioned heavy use of reverb. The second track In Shadow decides to reveal itself 20 minutes in as a bizzare cover version of Me and My Shadow as Minoy howls out the lyrics.

For me the most successful piece on here is Cloisters, the first piece. Itís a slow moving wall of keyboard sounds that slowly allow themselves to develop and fight for space with some more intense sounding noise. Minoyís vocals are left low in the mix here and by doing that add more successfully to the track than the full on effect of them on Me and My Shadow.

Overall another welcome addition to this re-issue series. DB.

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