MIRT*  - Random Soundtrack (CD Kosmodrone)

Since moving to Krakow in 2005 I seem to have picked up a few albums by Polish artist Tomek Mirt, an artist whose work operates mostly in that blurred hinterland between a heady mix of protean dancefloor-inspired beats íní swirls and the kinda distilled digital ambience that can sound lifeless in the wrong hands. Mirt* always seems as though he spends more time on honing his craft, however, with much attention paid to smaller details, subtlety and sinewy sonic threads that nod towards all from kosmische musik, Orb-esqque psychedelia and avant-garde abstraction. Random Soundtrack is no exception and over the course of its twelve tracks takes us on a nifty voyage marshalled by carefully hewn contours and shifts into less expected spaces without losing sight of its main objective. Itís a pleasant listen filled with depth and clarity that, even if the reference points are kept in check, ultimately sounds like it has arrived from someone on very focused mission. It canít get much better than that. RJ.

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