MIRT -  Artificial Field Recordings (CD Catsun)

Compared to certain other artists operating in the realm of subdued and minimal sonics, Polandís Tomasz Mirtís solo platform has always been an agreeable affair, if the other records I also own by him are to likewise go on. Prolific during the past decade or more now due to his involvement in experimental rock outfits Brasil and the now defunct (and terribly named) One Inch Of Shadow, Tomasz has also released a succession of albums via the reputable Monotype/Cat Sun imprints, from Warsaw.

Long given to foraging that trajectory where micro-sounds, compressed rhythms, tiny specks of musique concrete, sparse melodies and kaleidoscopic oscillations reign, Mirt has reached the point where not only is he master of his craft but also proving himself as one of the best in the field. The music itself, woven from a diverse range of elements, possesses that perfectly lulling sensibility where the listener can only sit back and succumb to the ripples Mirt chooses to ride Ďpon. Everything rests accordingly, yet Artificial Field Recordings still throws little pockets of dissonance or grizzled weirdness at us, just in case one is perhaps getting too comfortable.

From the robotic chatter of the untitled second cut, through the filmic yet pulsating electronic gauze of the one that follows and on to the irresistible sucking black hole pull of the remaining cuts, complete with the machinery similarly adrift, Tomasz Mirt might well be responsible for some of the best music of its kind for a considerable while.

More power to him! RJ.

Contact: http://catsun.monotyperecords.com