Molecular - Warmest Regards (CD Hiddenseer)

At times itís hard to believe that Molecular has been around for over a decade. But they have. Started by Pete Simonelli and Lynn Wright, the band have been a revolving door over the years consisting of their peers and anyone who happened to want to play on the night. On their album ĎWarmest Regardsí the line up features Pete Simonelli on vocals, Lynn Wright on guitar, Simon Geoff on violin, Algis Kizys on bass and Sam Ospovat on drums. Itís their most enjoyable recording to date and also, theyíre most infuriating.  

The title is a slightly jokey as there is nothing warm about this album. The music is stark and haunting. However, there is an elegance to the it. The guitar is used to create lurid soundscapes rather than played conventionally and the backing electronics work realty well to create a distressed atmosphere. The problem with ĎWarmest Regardsí is that musically itís great. The huge slabs of guttural guitars really hit the right note with me, but lyrically it does little or nothing. Except making me check to see how much time is left. The spoken word pieces are slightly self-indulgent and sound like someone who has read too much beat poetry and listened to too much Lou Reed, Tom Waits and Jello Biafra. It isnít bad, but it also isnít that great. The stories told donít really do much other than to try and shock us with how his life has been. The protagonist in the stories is neither likable nor really relatable. ĎPresenceí has a Dr. Benway feel to the story telling, but the delivery is gruffer and more aggressive than Burroughs. It works well with the music but, the lyrics feel more like an afterthought than the main event. And to an extent they are. All the songs on ĎWarmest Regardsí were recorded live, and improvised, during a tour of the UK. Which is a shame as the music is so great, and moving in places, that itís annoying that we canít hear it at all times.

ĎWarmest Regardsí is an album Iím glad Iíve heard but after Iíve finished this review, I probably wonít want to hear it again. Maybe youíll get more from it than I did. Maybe this will be your favourite album, but for me itís time to move on to something different. NR