Annelies Monseré / Richard Youngs  - three:four split series volume 3 (10"three:four)

The third in three:four’s series of split releases pairs two artists who works complement each other rather well. Annelies Monseré is a Belgium singer songwriter whose piece “Sand” is presented in five different versions. Annelies often records multiple versions of her songs and this sort of folk song is made all the more enchanting by hearing it performed on melodica then guitar, then piano, then cello and finally organ. As if that wasn’t enough there are other versions that didn’t make it on to this split release. The track itself is a gentle folk song with perhaps the guitar version being the most compelling with Annelies soft gentle voice almost sounding like a lullaby against a gentle guitar refrain. The idea of presenting the pieces in different versions gives you a clear idea of how much a piece can be easily changed so completely both in mood and intensity with the most satisfying versions for me being the piano and guitar ones.

I’m sure Richard Youngs needs no introduction; he’s so prolific both as a solo artist and in collaborations it’d be hard to avoid having heard any of his work.

His piece here is a 9 minute track of just voice and guitar. The guitar line is fairly simple and sounds like it’s played through a delay pedal or some type of arpeggiator giving the sound a swirling rhythmic psychedelic feel. The vocals provide the melody on top of the electronic soup his guitar is providing and the repeated phrase of Be Brave This World throughout the lyrics gives the piece a hypnotic/mantra edge to it. It’s a gentle piece that washes nicely over you.

A very successful collaboration between these two and I think maybe a whole album rather than a 10” would be more than welcome. DB