Moondog and His Honking Geese - Playing Moondog's Music (10 Honest Jon's)

A finely pressed reisssue of Louis Hardin's self-released 1955 record that presents four tracks works through the rhythmic jazzyness of 'Dogtrot' before slipping into the more familiar Moondog sound where his compositions rely on the knitting of instrumental lines to form into a whole crazy shebang. 

The geese in question are the honking saxs and, accompanied by a brass band and a drummer who sounds like he was raised in the mountains of Peru, the pace is rapid and the lines circular. 'Rabbit Hop' in particularly twitchy. The instruments used sound straight, not with the homemade instruments he was later known for. 

Oddly all compositions are attributed to Hardin and Ilona Goebel, she being the German student who took him under his wing and handled his work. A manager of sorts. But these tracks were recorded long before she met him while he was still living on the streets of New York and she in Germany. Ummm.... HM