Phil Mouldycliff and Colin Potter - Trajectories : Christmas Island (CDr ICR)

It's night time. Pitch dark in the forest, far from home. The trees creak and crack, the occasional gust of wind rustles the leaves, making them sizzle up on high. And then it begins. The multi-layered ahhhh (yeah we all use 'that' stretchy software too), like a ghostly fog creeping over you. The scene is set. Familiar lands become new and alien. An intro to entice you.

The excellent cover art is a still from a video made by David Carson, with whom this album was made as a collaborative effort. The project is a realisation of sounds and images made at Christmas Island. There's a video somewhere on YouTube. Go see.

The clank of bells intermingle with field recordings of birds and the processed sound of wind. Eventually it forms into a third, and thoroughly bland, section of soft ambient New Age sound. I'd like to shoot whoever invented the reverb unit.

The outro is like a a darker reprise of the first track. Deep and heavy.

I would far rather have heard the raw field recordings made on Christmas Islands. There isn't anything made by humans that can hold as much interest as the sounds made by the other Earthlings. This album's very much a collaboration between humans. Understandable butů.

And besides, why is it a CDr? Bugger. HM