Mugstar – Lime (CD Important)

Wonderful 4 tracks of psychedelic/space rock on this CD from Liverpool’s Mugstar.

There’s more than nod in the direction of Hawkwind on Lime each track has that driving  bass sound you’d associate with Hawkwind in their prime.  Not that, that’s a bad thing Mugstar aren’t just a Hawkwind tribute band they have there the influence and history of Hawkwind and Space Rock in general and still come up with an album that firmly has their own identity stamped on it.

Track one Sunburnt Impedance Machine is a great choice for an opener. Up tempo with an infectious riff that storms along eventually finding its way into a sort of locked rhythm that then gives the keyboards a nice opportunity to take the centre stage and lead the track all the way until it ends.

Serra follows with a very Hawkwind  Opa Lopa drum and bass sound overlaid with some mellower guitar all giving some space for the albums guest Jonathan Hartley of Clinci to put some great squealing clarinet all over the piece. One of he strongest pieces on a very strong album. Radar King starts with a few bars of drums, another driving slightly overdriven bass and then in come the guitars fighting for space. The piece seems to build and build in intensity for a few minutes until everything quietens down and were given a gentle atmospheric wash of guitar and subtle percussion. Drums start to get busier the bass starts to get more noticeable and then both you know it you’re back at full pelt racing to the climax of the piece. Probably the highlight of the album.

Beyond the Sun brings the album to a mellow chilled out close. Stating out with a bass riff and keyboard drone and adding elements (including some low in the mix vocals) as it goes along. Perfectly placed as a closing track.

Lime is a hard album to find any negatives in and as it’s my first opportunity to hear Mugstar I can only hope that all their material is as strong as this. DB