Mugstar – Axis (CD Agitated)

After reviewing Mugstar a couple of times it starts to get difficult to know what to say about them. Every album has a certain consistency about it and they usually deliver exactly what you’d expect from Mugstar. 

Axis is no exception to that rule. The space rock influence and the heavy psychedelic swirling sounds are all present here. The one difference for me is that there seems to be slightly less of the Hawkwind feel/ influence I found in previous releases. The vibe here seems to have drifted further into Europe and there’s a big Krautrock air hanging over Axis. It’s  quite subtle and not plastered across all the tracks but little things here and there hint at or nod towards a German influence. You get a short burst of Neu! style vocals in the middle of Black Fountain, Tangerina has more of that pulsing driving Neu! motorik sound and almost comes across as Stereolab do Neu! Whilst Sound and Axis Modulator has a drum rhythm that wouldn’t be out of place on a Faust album.

Axis is another strong album from Mugstar and it’s surprising they don’t have a bigger profile maybe this will be the album that brings them to the attention of a bigger audience. DB.