Mugstar Ė Serra (Distant Sun) remix (CDEP and vinyl Agitated)

Mugstar's Lime was a particularly strong album for the Liverpool band and to then take Serra the strongest track on the album and remix it is a brave move. But with Robert Hampsons history in psychedelic noise-niks Loop and then slightly further out Main you probably have the right candidate for the job.

Serra (Distant Sun) comes in two varieties one long mix on the CDEP and two separate mixes on a slab of green vinyl limited to 800 copies. The two mixes that Robert Hampson has done donít veer that far away from the original track, though heís stripped it back and given it a real Krautrock feel with the drums sounding even more Dinger like than on the album track. The original electronics that sat nicely on top of the classic era Hawkwind bass and drum groove that the rhythm section had set up is still there but has been heavily cut back giving it more space and a more ambient quality. The whole piece sounds like it could have easily been created in a squat in Berlin in the early seventies rather than Liverpool in 2011. The second part of the mix takes things to an even more subdued level making it still have that Krautrock appeal and flavour but with far more emphasis on the ambient end of things. If remix one was taking things from Amon Duul and Neu! Remix two has moved further towards the Tangerine Dream end of the Krautrock spectrum itís more droney and has less rhythmic elements and acts as nice counterpoint to the first mix.

Itís a powerful combination mixing Mugstar and Robert Hampson. I believe he played guitar with them recently at a show in Paris. How about Mugstar and Robert perform the whole of Loops A Gilded Eternity live next year or is that just a bit too much to hope forÖ.. DB