Yoshio Machida - Music From the Synthi (CD Baskaru)

This is a peculiar little album from Yoshio Machida. It basically consists of 13 short pieces improvised on an EMS Synthi.

The Synthi was a beautiful, futuristic looking device that was very able to make strange noises that matched the strangeness of the design of the Synthi itself.

I’m not sure what the point of this album was/is but it’s Yoshio’s second time of making work with a Synthi. (He previously released a 7.5” piece of vinyl on Russian label Cyland).

Yoshio takes in a variety of styles on these pieces from glitch, to ambient to minimal techno and some of the short (most are around the 3 minute mark) pieces work well especially the ones that have a deep resonant throb to them (sort of heading into Pan Sonic territory) but the majority of them come across as someone playing with the Synthi for their own amusement rather than trying to create something that other people would enjoy.

It works well at a low volume level as a background type of music but sadly the really captivating parts are too few and far between to make the whole album that compelling a listen. DB

Contact: www.baskaru.com