23 Threads - Conspicuous Unobstructed Path (CD Zoharum)

Third album from this Polish project evidently arriving from the post-industrial wasteland yet, perhaps unsurprisingly, preferring to these days swim those equally murky waters where David Tibet has been before. Over the ten cuts here (nine in actual fact, as the tenth is a remix by Polish duo Different State), minimal loops apparently derived from guitar and electronics for the most part are pock-marked by random sinewy sounds in order to serve an atmospheric backdrop to half-spoken vocal utterances about who knows what. On the third cut, ‘In Deep Forest Theme’, itself lasting less than 90 seconds, a theremin is deployed and made the centrepiece without unfortunately being maximised. Following this, we are back to the subdued setting of loops and voice, itself wavering between the agreeable and the not so, largely depending on how the vocals are delivered. The vaguely psychedelic weaving of sounds mostly works in their favour, tho’ sometimes appear cumbersome and trip over themselves so much it’s hard not to get distracted by the patterns in my home’s flooring. Even the reappearance of the theremin barely salvages matters in that respect. Aw well. RJ.

Contact: www.alchembria.pl/