3 Musketiere ‎Ė Abflug (CD Terp)

A small piece of history here in the form of a tape from 1983 now given a new lease of life in the form of a CD.

The 3 Musketiere was an all-female trio made up of Kat on drums and vocals, Sigrid (Katís Mother) on violin, and Lo on bass.

The recordings here are released on Terp the label run by Terrie of The Ex (that undefinable Dutch band that have been going since the late 70s) and the link between the band and the label is Kat whoís now been drumming with the Ex for the last 35 years.

What we have here are 8 tracks recorded in a rehearsal cellar in the living-working Emmaus community in Stuttgart. The recording was done using 3 or 4 microphones. It was common at the time to make promo cassettes to give out and thatís what Abflug essentially was. About 30 were made to be given away to friends or perhaps sold at gigs. Though 3 Musketiere only played 10 -15 gigs in their short existence.  The pieces on here were recorded just prior  to Kat joining the Ex (some of the rhythms she uses here ended on pieces by the Ex) . Itís a short set of tracks just under 40 minutes and recorded roughly. But perhaps thatís part of its charm. It captures them raw, playing as they would a gig or rehearsal with no post production sweeteners.

The most obvious comparison that came to mind on first listen was the Raincoats but that could be partly driven by the prominence of the violin. Certainly Raincoatís tracks like The Void or Youíre A Million are treading a similar path but 3 Musketiere are perhaps more abrasive, more punky, more sparse.

Itís a wonderful little glimpse into history and itís been listened to and enjoyed many times in the last few weeks. I expect it will get many more in the weeks to come. DB.

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