B J Nilsen Ė Terroir (mini CD Ferns Recordings)


A 20-minute mini CD from B J Nilsen who has also worked under the names Morthound and Hazard.

What we have with Terroir is recording of a piece that was originally presented at the opening of an outdoor sculpture by Gunter Wolfsberger in 2016 in a 4 channel version. This is a stereo version of that recording. The artwork itself uses old cables that once fixed the vines in place and still have some remnants of those vines entangled in them. If you want to find out more about the piece then you can see a photo of it and a description of it here:  https://www.publicart.at/en/projects/all/?pnr=897

All the source material is made from sounds of harvest and fermentation during vinification and I suppose you could consider it a collage of a number of different field recordings. But rather than straight forward field recordings, you have a mixture of the different sounds with some processed and others left clean. You can hear the process of the wine making going on. The machinery harvesting grapes, clanking noises, the sounds of liquids being poured and moving.

Itís a 20-minute journey through the process and it holds your interest and Iíve come back to it several times which I donít often do with field recordings. DB.

Contact: //fernsrecordings.bandcamp.com