Johannes Nilsson - Luxemburg 91 Soundtrack (7" Fylkingen Records)

I was told this was a play of some sort and figured I'd give it a quick play and let the Swedish pass over me and then file away the record never to be played again.  

Sodding hell this is a little more than just a play. It sounds too real. A family of five are out by a street with cars whizzing by when suddenly something -I don't know what- happens and there's screaming and wailing. Something's happened to Johannes. The mother's wailing and the baby's (is that Johannes?) are just too real.  

On side two the ambulance sirens come in and the medic keeps saying "he'll be alright" (in English, bizarrely.) The whole recording sounds like a field recording. The sudden jolt of crying that goes on and on, an exclamation of grief and suffering, is too much to listen to without wanting to know what is going on and if they're alright.

Unsettling, moving and disturbing, it makes the listener ask why the hell we would want to spy on the suffering of others. If this is all an act then they're bloody convincing. If anyone has any more information on this recording and what on earth it is then get in touch. HM