Nurse With Wound and Larsen Ė Erroneous  (CD Important)

Not quite a collaboration ad not quite a split album but somewhere in between the two. Of the six tracks two are by Larsen on their own, one by NWW with Fritz Muller (ex Kraftwerk and ex Neu) and three are by NWW and Larsen together.

Larsen and NWW arenít that obvious bed fellows so to some extent this is a nice way for fans of either group to have the opportunity to get to know the work of the other.

The album starts with Tickety-Boo the piece by NWW and Fritz Muller and itís a prime piece of classic Nurse. Itís almost like a NWW overture taking in some of the familiar sort of themes and sounds youíd expect from NWW.  Itís got a hissing valve, some repetitive rhythm (in a Swamp Rat sort of a vibe), some drones, some breathy female voice, everything youíd expect really. Fritz Muller adds cello and electronics.  Itís a track that leaves you wondering why perhaps there hasnít been a whole album of NWW and Fritz together.

From here we move on to the three NWW/Larsen tracks.  They seem fairly evenly balanced in that the first one sounds more NWW than Larsen, the second fairly evenly balanced and the third more Larsen than NWW.  The first one is a slow synth riff/drone with what sounds like treated guitar accompanying it. Piece two has a bass riff and picked guitar holding it down with some little random bits of NWW strangeness tagging along in the background. The third piece is far more Krautrock than anything else. Guitar, drums, keyboards all providing a soothing drifting rhythm and melody.

The final two tracks are by Larsen on their own.  Both sounding as though they have taken their part of the second of the collaboration tracks with NWW and then expanded them to make new Larsen pieces,. Nothing wrong with a bit of recycling and maybe these pieces were written first and NWW decided to use these as the basis for them to work from. But however it happened is neither here nor there and at the end of the day both pieces are slow gentle works that fit in well with the albums overall feel.

Larsen and Nurse with Wound have produced a really well made album that will appeal to fans of both groups and perhaps open the ears of Larsen fans to NWW and NWW fans to Larsen.  DB