Nurse With Wound - ěD LOT (CD United Dairies)

Strange times for the Nurses. These last few years have seen them put out a stream of albums and -blimey- put on loads of shows. All this busy-ness has affected their sound in an interesting way. The sound is becoming more pristine, more precise. What I like most about them these days is what I like about Liles - a head-first plunge into plastic; artifice. By keeping an ear open to the peculiar things that are said or done in this shiny world of ours, they're assembling an artefact of the artificial. Or something. Not sure. You know what I'm getting at anyway. Either way, it's funny and hopefully will continue to piss off the serious minded of the 'underground' (read: 'elitist twats.') 

No doubt the Nurses will claim to have never heard a Pink Floyd record (except Syd Barrett, maaan) but ěD LOT is Ummagumma minus the rose tinted glasses. Matt Waldron, Colin Potter, Steven Stapleton and Andrew Liles take on a 'side' each. It's crying out to be on vinyl for that reason alone. They are four faces of the same man; four sections of different men. There's a frog thing going on here. Shrug.

 Colin starts off with what's expected -ominous complex drones that wouldn't be out of place on a 1000 other records but slowly subverts by morphing it into a krautrock fest. Thud thud and hellishly fuzzed out guitar. Bet it sounds good live. 

Liles' 'The Tadpole Variations' is piss funny. Schizophrenia has never felt so funny. A dozen voices going 'Ow! Ow! Ow!' all over the shop, the quiet creepiness that are akin to his solo album (Jesus there's a lot of them) but best of all is his funky 'Caravan of Love' with Melon Liles breathy readings. Andrew Liles, the godfather of Dover Soul (go easy on the chips.) 

With his long standing love of female rap I was hoping Steven would come up with a hard hitting rap about thuglife in da hood. He hasn't, but this is just as much fun. A woman speaks of -ahem- 'the underground' and craps all over a man, his blog, and his interests.  Who'd have thought Stapleton would be one funky bad-ass mutha? As funny as the Kray Cherubs

 If ever there was a man to take up the Frank Zaapa's torch, it's Matt. It's not enough that he does consistently eye-popping artwork (the cover is his), his solo outings as 'irr app (ext.)' explore an amusingly surrealist world that lends him to be the ideal man for the job as a fellow Nurse. Part of his impressive section is very reminiscent of the Forbidden Planet soundtrack; the sound of diodes dying, but with ummmm a frog theme. Bonkers.  

Each of the Nurses have contributed one side of artwork. Three for the digipak and one, by Colin, for the disc. Oddly they go together well. In more ways than one. HM