Paal Nilssen- Love - Brazilian New Funk (CD PNL)


Recorded live at Roskilde Festival, Denmark, in 2018, Brazilian New Funk presents seven tracks of blistering improvisations by Felipe Zenicola (bass), Fride Gjerstad (alto sax), Kiko Dinucci (guitar) and, of course, Paal Nissen-Love (drums). Anybody familiar with PNL's approach should know not to expect the easiest of listens and, instead, be prepared for a barbed wire setting where gnashing and spitting primal impulses hold court over all concessions for restraint. Naturally, there are times when all four players need to catch their breath, but generally the emphasis is on steering their evident chemistry into creating merciless torrents of sound forever poised to tumble headlong into a disorganised mess but thankfully avoiding it. Once in a while, an alchemical groove will take shape, presumably leading to the album title's spin on them, but Herbie Hancock's Crossings this ain't (much as that's a fantastic album in its own right, too). True to most of the PNL work I've heard, this is closer to the agonised screams of death by a thousand cuts than any funk, Brazilian or otherwise, and that's exactly how we like it. RJ.