Nisennenmondai - Destination Tokyo (CD Bijing)

The logical extension of what Krautrock promised, the instrumental Japanese trio hook a ferocious, propulsive beat with an itchy guitar and pulsing bass to form a speedy race through the night. What gives their sound a hammering structure is their staggeringly powerful drummer Sayaka Himeno. With her precise jackhammer  playing she's left a string of knackered drum kits in her wake. At a show they did in Brighton a guitar amp was propped up against her bass drum in a vain attempt to stop the bloody drum from thudding its way across and over the stage. Never has a bass drum and hi-hat been so ...... 'used.'  

Yuri Zaikawa's bass lines throb and thud often bouncing off-beat on one note, giving an anchor to the adventurous drums and guitar lines. Solid and secure. Masako Takada's scratchy guitar lines often loop live, allowing her to build on the spot staccato lines over the top of herself. Sharp and precise it's reminiscent of Andy Gill's brittle guitar lines in the better days of The Gang of Four.  

There's a funny track on here where they rehearse 'Mirrorball' accapella stylee. Pinky and Perky lives! Then Mirrorball kicks in proper and you're left flattened against the wall. Lovely. 

You've got to see them live to get the full relentless impact but the album does capture the live sound impressively. Go get it. HM