Nymph – New Millennium Prayer (CD Northern Spy)

As a giant beast awakening from its winter’s sleep, Nymph created a psychmonster that becomes more terrifying with each listen. New Millennium Prayer is the second album from the Brooklyn-based psychedelic free-rock outfit Nymph and with consecutive listening one more and more becomes aware that you’re listening to one of those potential special milestones in time, in this specific case a band that redefines rock as a kind of rock-in-opposite, by no means referring to the French progressive music, but more as a metaphor, as Nymph drift along completely different directions in their own universe. Nymph is active in the same arena where Swedish Goat is divided and just like those Neanderthal folks, Nymph is addicted to riffs and they deal with them as true and fanatic entrepreneurs of surging whirlwinds, and in the eye of the storm lies repetition as their secret weapon. Almost immediately, with opener Beyond, the listener is submerged in heavy syrupy air, making breathing difficult and this just keeps going on during the rest of this prayer. The one outlier ‘Raag Mon’ stands out as it is able to build a freakin’ tension, complete with hints of desert rock, and it is also the one that has to create the magic on its own, doing without vocal work (or better, yelling) from Eri Shoji.

Northern Spy Records releases great stuff and with Nymph they stay true to their assumed mission statement. Nymph does not necessarily make a deep dive and maybe that is even on purpose, as these are merely jams to rock your world and the worlds of the ones close to you maybe as well. Nymph consists of 8 members that seem to be specialized in massive egotrippin, as they plough their own way through hapless territory and groovy randomness in order to eventually discover fire. PvdG.

Contact: www.northernspyrecords.com