Fabio Orsi Ė Wo Ist Behle (CD Boring Machines)

Fabio Orsi only made it on to my radar about 6 months ago with his triple Cd compilation Random Shades of Day. That 3 CD compilation piqued my interest and so I was very pleased when Wo Ist Behle turned up to review.

Fabio was originally based on the Italian coast but has now swapped what I would imagine to be a slow relaxed pace of life for the fast frantic pace of Berlin. Wo Ist Behle was recorded not long after he arrived there and experienced itís long cold winter. The direct result of this change of habitat has produced a remarkable album that clearly has Krautrock and Kosmische music very much at itís heart.

The first four of the five tracks on Wo Ist Behle all have a similar template that they start from. Each is a soundscape based  around a drone. On top of the drone loops and repeated chord structures, treated guitar and effects all slowly join in the mix making thicker and more complex patterns.  The third track Loipe 03 adding a little variation to the mix by having a backwards loop as its main ingredient holding everything together over which Fabio layers synth pads and effects. The most obvious reference points for these pieces being Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze.

The fifth piece Loipe 05 is the odd man out here. A piece beginning with phased guitar feedback and adding some drums and loops making it sound  a little like Loop meeting Seefeel. Itís a bit of a surprise given the four tracks that precede it but actually rounds the album off in an uplifting way.

A great album from Fabio which Iíve been unable to find anything negative about.  Iím already looking forward to trying to make up some lost ground on his pretty extensive back catalogue. DB

Contact: http://www.boringmachines.it