O3 - Trashumancia (CD Sofa)

This album gathers seven pieces by a trio led by Sofa co-founder and expressive percussionist Ingar Zach. Featuring Esteban Algora and Alessandra Rombola on, respectively, accordion and flute, one should be forgiven for thinking that together with the bowed and manipulated percussion instruments the proceedings are not entirely more dramatic than they actually are. Instead, most of the music is healthily subdued and constrained, yet rich with tense movement at once cautious, exploratory and occasionally more fiery. It is as though the trio sought to unlock new spaces without wishing to disturb each other too much, but thatís not to say thereís no fluidity or intuition here. Far from it. Rather, the subdued and respectful interplaying between each musician assumes a greater stance precisely because of the understated and taut manner in which it is executed. More disturbing, or disturbed, elements course through the proceedings on "Arroyuelos", while the pulsing and distant thunder drums of "Lobizniega" likewise add a nice touch as the accordion gets a little more insane, perfectly illustrating no listener should get too comfortable. A little more in the way of this to balance things out would have been especially welcome. RJ.

Contact: www.sofamusic.no