OCEANSOUNDS – Marine Mammals and Fish of Lofoten and Vesterålen (CD Gruenrekorder)

Lofoten is a remote group of islands located at Norway’s northern coast and besides of a lot of fish, they also seem to attract musicians and scientists to register impressions of nature. Remember Stapleton & Potter spending some time at the islands resulting in multiple hours of an enigmatic mixture of field recordings, manipulated sounds and other sonic debris, creating mental pictures of this tiny spot on the globe. Gruenrekorder’s take is somewhat different. Whereas their sound art releases deal with field recordings, often from the more desolate & exotic locations around the globe, processed in the studio before being released this is one in the field recording catalogue, documenting sounds in nature often not heard by humans or at least without any special interest, sometimes they can be sounds brought into existence by human (Swiss mountain transport systems) or just nature itself (water beetles of Pollardstown Fen).  

With the ocean sounds captured here the listener will be allowed to hear intriguing aural phenomena, all stolen when mother nature wasn’t watching.  Alien-like communication between killer whales, a seal pup calling for its mother, dolphins in ecstasy and a lot of echolocation clicks make up for most of the 11 tracks. The effect of these kind of snapshots of nature can be very rewarding once perceptive listening is left behind, allowing for the sounds to fill up the space.   

Responsible for the recordings is Heike Vester, a German biologist specialising in bio-acoustics of marine animals, dedicated to preserving life in the here and now. In case that for some species she doesn’t succeed, this probably is still a successful attempt to leave some kind of aural legacy to whoever might be interested in some future still far away from us. PvdG

Contact: www.gruenrekorder.de